Reduce traffic stop tension

Introducing Stay Calm/Cálmate


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Do you believe this holder will save lives?
Yes, we believe it will. The bright orange color is calming and implicates caution. If the suggestions included in the holder are followed, your interaction will have a good chance of being peaceful and non-confrontational.

How will theses benefit citizens?
Yes, gives the citizen the sense of being prepared. By having all the information readily available upon request, reduces stress.

How will these benefit law enforcement?

  • Reduces the time officer spends on car stop.
  • The bright Orange color is calming and indicates caution which will calm their demeanor.

Will these holders relax officer?
In no way should an officer relax. Officer safety skills and training should be adhered to at all times.

Are officers being trained on Stay Calm Holders?
Our hope is that they will.  We believe that these holders will generate and initiate dialogue when citizens start using.

How do these help at accident scenes and during medical emergencies?
At accident scenes and during a medical emergency, if the victim is unable to communicate with emergency personnel, the bright orange color is easily recognizable. It is a known fact that the sooner the correct emergency care is administered, odds are of survival are increased. This allows contact the individual who delegated to assist them in the event they cannot communicate themselves.

What is the goal of Stay Calm?
Citizens and law enforcement practice thinking before they act. Creating and avenue of mutual respect and communication. All involved are going home safe.

Where would you put Stay Calm Holder in your car?
This depends on the individual. The most important thing is to Stay Calm and communicating calmly to the officer.