To see communities where citizens and law enforcement have mutual respect for each other.


  • To provide an avenue that builds toward positive change.
  • Helping to create an atmosphere of dialogue and understanding between all racial groups.
  • Providing a product that enhances the safety of individuals by maintaining important documents in a bright orange document holder which would minimize miscommunication in emergent situations.
  • We believe that we are justified in proposing an innovative solution to improve relationships between citizens and law enforcement.


Stay Calm/Cálmate Holder Inc. is a grass root project, designed to bring attention to our citizens to try to stay calm in all situations.

In concert with all the other programs and initiatives going on, Stay Calm/Cálmate will enhance these efforts.

My 30 years as a Law enforcement Officer, experience validates and supports the importance of staying calm.

At accident and medical scenes, our Bright Orange Stay Calm/Cálmate holder is easily located in daylight and night to expedite proper emergency care.

Majority of arrest, citations and misunderstandings are in response to individuals not remaining calm.

– Craig Johnson, Founder, Stay Calm/Cálmate Holder Inc.

Craig Johnson

  • Southwestern Bell (AT&T) – 30 years – retired
  • Volunteer Policeman, Topeka Police Department – 30 years – retired
  • Ombudsman for the elderly, Shawnee County
  • Special Advocate for displaced youth, Shawnee County
  • Substitute Teacher, Topeka Public Schools
  • Plain Clothes Security, Dillard’s and Dillion’s
  • Police Officer, Washburn University
  • Officer, Topeka Municipal Court
  • Police Officer, Topeka Public Schools – retired
  • Field security, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Investigator, Shawnee County District Attorney
  • Mental Health, Crisis Response Unit, Topeka Police Department
  • Investigator, Private Attorney
  • Founder of Stay Calm/Ca’lmate Holder Inc.