Stay Calm Holder



  • Bright safety orange – easily seen day or night
  • Constructed out of durable plastic – Won’t make documents unreadable
  • About a letter envelope size – Fits in your glove box and purse
  • Cover text and inserts in both English and Spanish – Suitable for multiple uses


  • If unable to communicate at an auto accident or medical emergency correct medical information enhances survival rates
  • Reduces confusion at traffic stops
  • Can be used in your vehicles and for caregivers and babysitters
  • Keep one at your home if you live alone or have a medical condition
  • Created by a former reserve police officer – Designed with public safety in mind


  • 1 – 250: $5.00 each
  • 251 – 500: $4.50 each (10% discount applied at checkout)
  • 501- 1000: $3.50 each (30% discount applied at checkout)
  • 1001 or more – Reach out to us for orders of more than 1000. Contact us


  • Returns are handled on a case by case basis. Contact us